In the sweet morning fog

I give you a couple of more photos from the other day. This boat captured my eyes and I just had to perpetuate the breathtaking image that was before my eyes. Could this serene and misty morning be more beautiful?

Small signs of spring

Yesterday I took a walk through my garden. There’s not so many signs of spring yet but I did find a crocus. A single purple one. So small and petite it stood there on its own under the Rhododendron. 

A calm and misty morning

Yesterday morning I went to a place called Gottskär. There was a light fog and the air was filled with salt and seaweed. Beyond sight I could hear the seagulls cry in the sky.

I feel really relaxed and calm when I’m by the sea and it feels a bit like coming home. Strange really, because I’m born in the middle of the country and I really have no connection to the sea what so ever.

In vivid colors

This last weekend I spent on a “unconference” called Webcoast at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg and talked a lot about social media. This beautiful curved building was just outside the restaurant so I couldn’t just leave before I photographed it.