The wedding of Fia and Patrik. Part two

It has been a while since that happy day in June when I had the honor to photograph my friends Fia and Patrik on their wedding day. I wanted to capture every little piece of the day. And of course I wanted to share some of these photos with you too!

A new backdrop

Hope you are having a great weekend! I have been really busy lately but I had a few minutes over this weekend so I wanted to try my new backdrop. Here’s some of the portraits I took.

Broken wings of destiny

Every now and then you have to take decisions that will change your path in life. Or circumstances will make the decisions for you. Changing the course forever. Or at least for a while. Sometimes these decisions are easy. Sometimes they are very hard. But in the end when the decision has been made. By you or… Continue reading Broken wings of destiny


It has been a while since a took a self portrait. So yesterday when the light was soft and just perfect I took out my camera and my tripod and shoot a few images. I need to change some profile pictures on social media and because I’m a photographer I can do a portrait shoot when ever (almost ) I… Continue reading Portraits

The return of Persephone

In Greek mythology the goddess of spring growth was Persephone. When she was a girl she was seized by Haides and carried off to the underworld as his bride. After that she had to spend a part of the year with her husband in the underworld. She did return to the earth every year in spring and as she… Continue reading The return of Persephone

The birth of a woman

I hope you are having a great weekend! Today I’m excited to show you the first image in my new series. I haven’t named the series yet but it is a story of life. This first image is called The birth of a woman.

In the land of broken dreams

Thought that I should let you see one of the portraits that I have been working on lately. I call this piece “In the land of broken dreams”.