This past Thursday and Friday I talked at Photoshop day arranged by Batteri kommunikation in Gothenburg and Stockholm. It was really an awesome experience. I talked about my old and new fine art work. One of the pieces I showed was the one above. Trinity. It’s one of my latest portraits. Thank you all who came and listened and an extra thanks to… Continue reading Trinity

Traveling mind

Do your mind wander? Mine do. Always. Up to the clouds in the sky. There is dragons and birds and all sort of other imaginary animals. I love laying down on the grass and let my mind wander. What if I could fly? Where would I go? Always happy places.

Shades of grey

We live in a world filled with color an light. But sometimes we just see the grey. It’s blinding. It’s depriving. It makes your heart pounding a little bit slower. The soul diminish a little more every day that passes. And then. In the midst of the dark grey. You see a glimpse of color.… Continue reading Shades of grey

Photoshop day 2015

I’ve been asked by Batteri kommunikation to talk about my artwork at Photoshop day 22-23 October. I’m very excited about to share my work flow and my art to a new audience. You can read more about Photoshop day here (in Swedish).  

Spring bride

A couple of weeks ago I did this shoot in my bedroom with natural light. I wanted a light and flowy dress so I made this from a old corset and some tulle. For the hair I went to my garden to pick some spring flowers and I made a flower crown from some branches of a blooming tree.