A day with the Smurfs

Last Saturday I was competing in a photo maraton curated by fotosöndag (photo sunday). I didn’t win but I did have a day full of fun and play!

I decided quite early on that I would photo my six assignments on the same theme. In a box that I got a while ago from my parents house I found some of my old toys. The theme was then easy to choose – the Smurfs! Once every hour between 09.00 to 14.00 we got a new asigment.

I used my new lightbox for a couple of the photos.  For one of the photos I made a running track of cinnamon on the kitchen table and made a start line of granulated sugar.

Here’s the six photo assignments:

1. Rythm (rytm)

2. Crash (krock)

3. Angle (vinklat)

4. Character (karaktär)

5. Beginning (början)

6. Gathered (samlad)

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