I fredag svar jag gräsänkling, så jag hade lite tid över och tog lite bilder med min iPhone. Det blev bland annat några självporträtt. Här är ett av dem. Du kan även se den på Flickr tillsammans med andra foton jag lagt upp där.

Mirroring the Past

This weeks challenge for Fotosöndag (Photosunday) was the swedish word “spets” that can mean lace, point or top. I found it hard to decide which photo I would submit but the first one beneath is the one I finally chose.

One step at a time

Today I took my red heels and went into the wild for this weeks challenge for Fotosöndag (photo sunday): shoe.

On the pier

The theme of the week for fotosondag (photosunday) is water, so this is my contribution. The photo is taken in Gothenburg harbor.

A day with the Smurfs

Last Saturday I was competing in a photo maraton curated by fotosöndag (photo sunday). I didn’t win but I did have a day full of fun and play! I decided quite early on that I would photo my six assignments on the same theme. In a box that I got a while ago from my parents house… Continue reading A day with the Smurfs


This is my contribution to Fotosöndag (photosunday). The theme for this week was “Aha!” and this is my interpretation. My picture is actually a montage of two photos.