The attempt to see the light without knowing darkness

Society controls us on how we should behave and look. We do as we are expected. Fear of what others think makes us kill our souls piece by piece for every year that passes. Makes us never reach to our full potential. There is so much more to life than follow paths that we are “supposed” to and fulfill the dreams of others. Instead make your own dreams and lay down your own path. Live life to the fullest.


“The attempt to see the light without knowing darkness” is the second piece I’m sharing with you of my new series. The last one I showed you was this “The birth of a woman”.

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By Tiina

Porträtt– och Konstfotograf som bor söder om Göteborg. Mina konstbilder finns på I'm a Fine Art and portrait Photographer who (for the most part) live and work in the Gothenburg area in Sweden. My fine art work can be found at

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