A beautiful morning

Hoarfrost Tiina Petersson-2

It was a beautiful November day I woke up to this morning. The air was cold and crisp and there were some light hoarfrost on the lawn and trees. I had to go outside and capture some of natures’ magic.

Hoarfrost Tiina Petersson-3

I found a single red cress flower that is still standing after a cold night.

Hoarfrost Tiina Petersson-4Hoarfrost Tiina Petersson-5 Hoarfrost Tiina Petersson-6 Hoarfrost Tiina Petersson-7 Hoarfrost Tiina Petersson




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By Tiina

Porträtt– och Konstfotograf som bor söder om Göteborg. Mina konstbilder finns på tiinapetersson.se I'm a Fine Art and portrait Photographer who (for the most part) live and work in the Gothenburg area in Sweden. My fine art work can be found at tiinapetersson.com

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