The secret garden of the soul

Tiina Petersson – The secret garden of the soul

Sometimes you just shut up and lock things inside. Trying to keep you soul safe and sound. Trying to keep your mind healthy from negative inputs. But sometimes the snake will find the way in to your secret garden and try to take a big bite of your soul. Don’t let it. Fight. Fight with everything you have. Fight for you.

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By Tiina

Porträtt– och Konstfotograf som bor söder om Göteborg. Mina konstbilder finns på I'm a Fine Art and portrait Photographer who (for the most part) live and work in the Gothenburg area in Sweden. My fine art work can be found at


  1. I got let to your website from another place. Fine Art it is, indeed. There is so much to study here and I am very pleased with myself for coming with a visit. This is a wonderful world of mystery.

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